Mackenzie's Mission

Rachael Casella [2 years ago]

Mackenzie's Mission Book CoverScarica e divertiti Mackenzie's Mission - Rachael Casella eBooks (PDF, ePub, Mobi) GRATIS, 'A true love story' - Mia Freedman, founder of Mamamia

Rachael and Jonathan were thrilled to welcome their baby Mackenzie into the world and to start their new lives as parents. Little did they know that in a few months they would be tested to endurance and beyond.

Like many other couples starting a family, Rachael and Jonathan had no idea they were both carriers for a genetic disease, and that 1 in 20 babies are affected by genetic birth defects. Their daughter was one of those babies, and Mackenzie's Mission is Rachael's beautiful and heartwarming account of Mackenzie's life, child loss, and a journey through IVF.

Determined that other couples should not go through the same heartbreak, Rachael and Jonathan are now champions for genetic testing.

This is a story of triumph over adversity, the strength that can be found in kindness and the power of one couple to effect positive change in the world.

'Heartbreaking and inspiring. A must read for anyone who's lost a child, loved a child, or is desperately trying to for a child. You will cry but you will also find comfort in this incredible story.' - Erin Molan, sports presenter, Nine Network 

'A book about grief and finding purpose through unimaginable loss and heartbreak. Beautiful Mackenzie will continue to have a powerful impact on this world through the work of her remarkable parents.' - Libby Trickett, Olympic swimming gold medallist and author of Beneath the Surface 

'The most extraordinary story of a mother's love and her daughter's legacy.' - Marcia Leone, creator of Not So Mumsy

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