Technically Faking

Robin Hale [10 months ago]

Technically Faking Book CoverScarica e divertiti Technically Faking - Robin Hale eBooks (PDF, ePub, Mobi) GRATIS, Iris Spark knows exactly what she wants. It hasn't made her many friends, but it has made her a fixture on all the best 'Under 30' lists in Silicon Valley and the CEO of SparkSignal, a company she built from nothing.

And now it's about to make her unemployed.

The Board of Directors wants her out. They say she's difficult. Abrasive. They've already set the date to vote in her replacement: someone charming and easily controlled.

Her assistant has a plan. One last-ditch effort to overhaul her image.

Amber Kowalczyk has lived the hustle so long she is the hustle. And she loves it. She loves her little social media empire and everything it takes to keep on top of it. What she doesn't love is the rising cost of rent that makes staying in her corner of San Francisco look more and more impossible.

But when a cheeky caption on a photo of one of Silicon Valley's prickliest entrepreneurs results in a clandestine meeting, Amber might have a way out of her mounting debt.

It's simple: Iris Spark has money, Amber Kowalczyk has public opinion, and SparkSignal's popularity goes up when people think the two of them are dating.

It's only a few weeks. It's only pretend.

What's the worst that could happen?

Technically Faking is a fake relationship F/F romance between a grumpy tech CEO and a charming (but poor) social media darling set in the high-stakes world of Silicon Valley's start-up scene. Buy now for staged kisses and real feelings!

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